Projection by David Lamelas

The artwork ‘‘Projection’’, presented within the framework of the exhibition Les Séparés, is directly linked to these reflections. Through the use of two 16mm film projectors, placed back to back, which project nothing apart from light rays, one onto a wall, the other directly onto the viewer, David Lamelas confronts and engulfs the latter in a sculpture of space. A space that is at once physical, luminous, cinematographic – also amplified by the noise of the film running – and mental, in which the viewer is led to imagine his or her own images to project onto the screen.


Indeed, it is a question of both formal and conceptual ‘‘separation’’. The gap between the apparatus, the cinematic atmosphere and its result, which is merely light without an image, produces a gripping mise en abyme : David Lamelas shows a fiction of the fictional apparatus that is the cinema par excellence, at the heart of which the viewer becomes actor.

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