Dancing Mania, 2020, Hito Styrel, K21 Dusseldorf

“The video installation “SocialSim” is Hito Steyerl’s newest work and was made for the exhibition “I Will Survive” at K21. Due to the current shutdown, Hito Steyerl adapted a part of her video installation, the social simulation “Dancing Mania”, into virtual space. Social simulations are models used by behavioural scientists. Through different parameters, so-called quantified social interactions, prognoses of energy consumption, riots, suicide rates, and rates of infection are made. ”

source: https://www.kunstsammlung.de/en/steyerl/dancing-mania

link to work online: https://www.kunstsammlung.de/en/steyerl/dancing-mania-xr


Reinhard Mucha, Der Mucha – An Initial Suspicion Sep 3, 2022 — Jan 22, 2023, at K20 & K21 Dusseldorf

“Reinhard Mucha’s work, in terms of its redefinition of sculpture, photography and installation, is considered to be one of the most important positions in contemporary art. At its two locations K20 and K21, the Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen combines installations by Mucha (b. Düsseldorf 1950) in this exhibition that have not been seen for many years, featuring works from each one of his creative phases and thus creating a panorama that spans over forty years of the artist’s work.”

source: https://www.kunstsammlung.de/en/exhibitions/reinhard-mucha-en

video tour: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vRw7uE_q13I


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