The ten characters are “The man who fled into his painting”, “The man who collects opinions of others”, “The man who flew out of his room into the space”, “The untalented artist”, “The little man”, “The composer”, “The col­lec­tor”, “The man who describes his life through other charac­ters”, “The man who saved Nikolai Viktorovich”, and “The man who never threw anything away”. All theses characters appears in other installations, either in “solo installations” or to­geth­er with other characters in “group installations”. As any of Kabakov’s characters, these ten characters display the common feature that they all illustrates a type of dysfunction in relation to normal domestic practices. This domestic dys­function is maybe most blatantly expressed by “The Man Who Never Threw Anything Away”, which apartment thus is filled with objects of no practical use or value.


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