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T.A.Z.: The Temporary Autonomous Zone
Video of the legendary show from 1993.
The roster includes; Hakim Bey, Robert Anton Wilson, Nick Herbert,
Rob Brezsny and Joseph Matheny. Download and enjoy!
[zipped – format: wmv – size: 102mb]

The Theater and it’s Double
By Antonin Artaud (zipped – pdf/rtf)

Robert Anton Wilson: The I in the Triangle
Video recorded 1990 – Avalon Books – Santa Cruz, CA

The Pitch, Poker and the Public
Video (Unauthorized, pre-release version)

Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man
By Marshall McLuhan (zipped – html)

Joseph Matheny on Ong’s Hat:The Beginning
Audio from a talk at the Bodhi Tree Bookstore 2002
(zipped – mp3 – size: 11.6mb)

A Natural History of the Supernatural

By Lyall Watson (zipped – pdf)

A Transmedia Litany
Genesis P’Orridge – XKP – Joseph Matheny
Recorded Live 1993 – 650 Howard St. San Francisco
(zipped – mp3 – size: 17.9mb)

The Ruba’iyat of Omar Khayyam
By Omar Khayyam (zipped – html)

The Book
On The Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are

By Alan Watts (zipped – html)

On the Heights of Despair
By EM Cioran (zipped – rtf)

Media Control
The Spectacular Achievements of Propaganda

By Noam Chomsky (zipped – pdf)

The Search for the Manchurian Candidate:
The CIA and Mind Control

By John Marks (zipped – pdf)

Letters To A Young Poet
By Rainer Maria Rilke (zipped – pdf)

The Oxford History of the Classical World
Edited By John Boardman, Jasper Griffin, Oswyn Murray
(zipped – html – size:27.3mb)

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