The Evil Eye – Optical audio record by Indianen


The Evil Eye project is the result of a residency by Belgium collective Indianen at the Frans Masereel Center, a center for printmaking in Kasterlee. The project investigates how printmaking could produce another kind of information, transforming material into an object with a new meaning. When you put “optical audio record” on the record player it passes the handheld electronic “eye” the team has built: a simple device with an LED and a light sensor. The rotating patterns create modulating light that is translated into an electric signal by the eye. This signal is fed into a guitar amplifier and comes out as the exact sound that is embedded in the prints.The app that generates the patters was made with Cocoa / Objective-C. It can create tracks with notes and sequences of notes with different waveforms like a synth, or just audio files .wav that you load into it. The screenshot below shows the record in the making and allows user to move and scale the tracks, change the sample rate, etc.

via The Evil Eye – Optical audio record by Indianen.

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