Elmgreen & Dragset: Harvest

this is tomorrow - Elmgreen & Dragset: Harvest

Some might say Scandinavian artist pair Elmgreen & Dragset have done it again. Harvest, an installation comprised of two distinct “choreographed environments” is a two-part statement packing the kind of tag team punch one would expect from this deadpan duo. The exhibition begins on the gallery’s first floor, a donation box marking out the entrance to what feels like a museum-like space where eleven identical canvases, each labeled after a prestigious art institution, are reverently hung. Every canvas bears a seemingly uniform square made of white pigment removed by professional conservators from the walls of the institution each is dedicated to, from the New Museum to Tate Liverpool and the Kunsthalle Fridericianum. Titled, The Named Series, the work’s visual references are immaculate: from Kazimir Malevich to Robert Rauschenberg, the monochrome, to notions of institutionalized culture, ‘the white cube,’ the museum, and the global art market machine, this is a statement delivered with the clarity of a Richard Prince one liner.

via this is tomorrow – Elmgreen & Dragset: Harvest.