The Colors of Black & White by Gábor Ősz

The basic idea for this project came from my earlier work based on the principle of camera obscura. Similarly to transparency, the Ciba chrome paper produces a direct, positive picture in color. By contrast, the direct exposure of black-and-white photographic paper yields a negative image. On black-and-white paper the only way to circumvent this and to make sure that the resulting picture is in positive, reality should be transformed to negative.

Gábor Ősz.

Matthias Ballestrem & Anton Burdakov: Built on Promises



Built on Promises, the first collaborative project between architect Matthias Ballestrem and artist Anton Burdakov, seeks to question the intimate relationship between experience and image. How does the world of the sensible transmute into the second dimension? Spatial perception and the imagination this gives rise to are questioned in a series of photographic installations developed in and for PROGRAM’s exhibition space. As visitors move about in the exhibition, so too will their frames of perception shift. What exists, what had existed and what might exist become blurred and challenged.

via this is tomorrow – Matthias Ballestrem & Anton Burdakov: Built on Promises.

Dreams of Reality

SHOT: Documenting current spaces, by Robert William OverwegRobert Overweg is a photographer in the virtual world, he sees the worlds of first and third person shooter games as the new public spaces of contemporary society.Overweg dwells by foot or by air through the outskirts of the virtual world which he dissects through his photography. He documents the similarities and the differences between the virtual and the physical world while making use of the new possibilities the virtual world give him as a photographer.

via Dreams of Reality.