BBC – Radio 3 – Anish Kapoor Interview

I have nothing to say Anish Kapoor

Q- Why do you say that you have nothing to say?

A- Yes, mm, I feel that one of the great currents in the contemporary experience of art is that it seems to come out of the experience of the author. That is to say whether we’re talking about the surrealist experience or any inclination to expression – all of that is, dwells so to speak in the author. It seems to me that there’s another route in which the artist looks for a content that is on the face of it abstract, but at a deeper level symbolic, and that that content is necessarily philosophical and religious. I think it’s attempting to dig away at – without wanting to sound too pompous – at the great mystery of being. And that, while it has a route through my psychobiography, isn’t based in it.

via BBC – Radio 3 – Anish Kapoor Interview.

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