Info – A.I.R.

Note 1

The project is named A.I.R, in reference of the signs artists in 60ies in New York had to put on the doors of the abandoned warehouses they had appropriated as studio. These signs would inform firemen a.o. about the fact there was an ‘artist in residence’ in a building that was officially no longer in use. This ‘new’ type of artist studio drew the attention of magazines and TV programs. The camera was bringing the ‘truth’ about the artist in his studio. The artist in his studio became an appealing media story, which promoted a totally new living format, loft living, and its ‘values’ and ‘ideology’ of freedom, transparency, creativity. Since that time loft living has found its way around the globe. In the meanwhile the literal meaning of the acronym A.I.R. evolved into a nomadic and temporary working environment for emerging artists.

Source: Vermeir & Heiremans Info – A.I.R.

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