Mnemonic Present Un-folding

Dr Elena Cologni1

University of the Arts London, Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design


FRUITION: perceptual time ‘gap’ as location for knowledge –

Mnemonic Present Un-folding


Abstract. In developing my practice/research I analyse the interchange that takes place between audience and performer from within the paradigm. My own art practice is grounded in Merleau-Pontì’s concept of chiasm and intertwining and Amelia Jones’s reading of it, although I take a conceptual distance from Jones’s, constituted by considering time travel in artist-audience interchange taking place during mediatised performative events, here addressed as fruition stage. The time element comes from the production and incorporation of the video documentation in the event itself. The purpose of my review will be to introduced the implications and significance of the perceptual gap between audience and performer’s in the moment of fruition of the piece Mnemonic Present Un-folding.

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