Presented in an initial version at the Walker Art Centre in Minneapolis at the end of the 90’s, “” is an ever-evolving streaming online application developed by Jérôme Joy, French artist and composer, and continuously & collectively developed by the nocinema team. This project, between documentary and fiction and developed for the web, generates infinite audio-visual sequences and “interludes”. “” is a kind of improbable cinema and a film having no beginning and no end, no actors or scene and no scenario, except for the stories we can construct while following the combinations of images and sound : web interludes. “” is an automatized system based on a process of selection of live webcams worldwide located, which capture fortuitous “shots” on different locations. These shots are lightly modified by panning and temporization programmings, and sequenced with aleatoric black insert screens. The “soundtrack” process is completely separated from the images sequence, even if we recognize temporary or persistent correspondences made from the surimposition and combination of the two “diegeses” (stories) and processes.

via nocinema.

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