MP4Museum – loop video for raspberry pi

Media Player 4 Museum

A minimalistic, Open Source Video Player.
Loops all MP4 Files from USB Memory.
No nonsense.


  • Player will boot up within 30 seconds.
  • Video files are sorted A..Z for playback.
  • System is read-only, no need to shut down
  • Will work perfectly 24/7 or on a timer switch

by: Julius Schmiedel is a media artist from cologne.

Please send your feedback to julius©urgu⋅de

System Based on Raspbian Lite and OMXPlayer
Enclosure is a remix of this thing.
Last Update: March 2nd, 2017

Source: MP4Museum

Photo Screen Printing Without Emulsion (laser etched)

Reproducing vector images for screen printing and stenciling is easy.  But photographs and other images requiring gradients are a bit more complicated and usually a task reserved for photo emulsion.   This Instructable will show you how to produce photographic stencils for use with a silk screen press or spray paint with no need for liquids or light-sensitive processes.  You will need access to a CNC laser cutter or something else capable of etching through card stock.  I used an Epilogue laser cutter available at TechShop. You will need: -A CNC laser cutter or equivalent -Photoshop, or a similar program with filter effects -Stiff card stock or polyester stencil sheet (make sure it’s safe to cut with a laser beam)

Source: Photo Screen Printing Without Emulsion (laser etched)